Switch Original energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks


In a world full of copycats and cheap imitations, just be your unique self. Up your energy and own your identity with our authentic Switch Original. The genuine energy drink.

Switch Cherry Plum energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks

Cherry Plum

Bring on the disco balls and dance floors. The sweet tunes of cherry plum gets the party started. A succulent flavour fix that gets you moving and grooving in no time!

Switch Black Blue energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks

Black Blue

Don’t sweat the sugar with Black Blue while you are smashing your goals. Keep focus, keep energised and go for greatness. Switch to less sugar. Switch to Black Blue..

Switch Orange Bubblegum energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks

Flavour 14

Rollin’ with retro vibes and Flavour 14 in hand. Turn back time to discover a new flavour friendship from old favourites – orange and bubblegum. Vintage cool with a kick of energy.

Switch Creature energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks


A mystical medley that will take you back to your primal roots. Awaken your wild side and energise your inner creature with this powerful energy potion.

Switch Iron Brew Candy Floss

Switch Energy Drinks

Iron Brew Candy Floss

The banging bass of iron brew and sweet synth of candy floss will turn the tables on your energy levels. Get with the brew, bru.

Switch Marshmallow energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks


The sweetheart of all energy drinks, and not just a pretty face. Treat your taste buds to the mellow taste of marshmallow that packs a serious energy punch.

Switch Watermelon Mint energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks

Watermelon Mint

For the love of Switch. A refreshing blend that brings on those summer vibes and energy highs. Juicy watermelon infused with invigorating mint for that crisp summer taste.

Switch Strawberry Litchi energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks

Stawberry Litchi

A fashionably fruity pair that makes energy the must-have accessory for the season. The stylish energy top-up for those looking to make a statement.

Switch Element energy drink

Switch Energy Drinks


An atomic flavour fusion that will leave you in your element after every sip. A sweet synergy of dynamic activation and a tropical taste that redefines our theories on energy.

Switch energy drinks

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